kemana jua ku berlari.. langkah kaki ku tetap sama.. menghitung hari yg ditinggalkan.. segala pahit manis di belakang..

I was not ready for you - copy paste

just copy paste.. tp lupa kat mana ambil ni.. dear owner.. izinkn i share di sini..  

Buat anak-anak mama..
Cinta mama tanpa syarat untuk kalian
Anak-anak mama hadiah terindah dalam hidup mama
Tiada yang lebih bernilai dari kalian
Terima kasih Allah

I was not ready for you. I thought I was, but I wasn't. What they said was true: you can never be fully prepared to be a mom.

Three positive pregnancy test kits were not enough to make me jump in excitement. I wanted that. I wanted  that giddy feeling with matching tears of joy, just like in the movies.
But my life was not a movie.

The truth was that I was happy. But more than that, I felt awkward. The thought of having something — okay, fine — carrying someone in my tummy made me feel self-conscious. Suddenly, I was getting more attention  than I would have wanted.

 Being pregnant
Weeks and months passed and I got used to being pregnant. My growing belly convinced me that, indeed, there was someone in there! Seeing a photo of myself holding and looking down at my belly was a revelation to me — I never thought we could look this beautiful.
Strip away all noise — the unsolicited advice, the shopping frenzy, the baby name choices — just you and me, we were beautiful. And somewhere between us were the beginnings of love.

 Not love at first sight
To say that I loved you at first sight would be a lie. In fact, instead of "I love you," the first words I uttered to you were, "You're so cute."
I thought that I would instantly fall deeply in love with you, but that would have almost been equivalent to falling in love with a stranger. We had just met.

It didn't help that, in the several weeks that followed, I was sleep-deprived and struggled with breastfeeding.
Then I got used to this thing called motherhood  and  you got used to this thing called living.

Love in the routine
Today, we do things moms and babies usually do.
You get hungry; I feed you. You get dirty; I clean you up. You sleep; I try to get some sleep. We play, read, sing and dance. Somehow, underneath the mundane, our love has been growing.

I love how your eyes light up when you see me or how those tiny fingers wrap around mine. I love it when you learn new words or say the same word over and over again. I love it when you kiss me or fall asleep in my arms.
You could do anything, even bite me while nursing, and I would still love you. In fact, you could do nothing and I would still love you.

Sweetie, I did not love you at first sight but I love you more every second of every day and everything in between

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